The Online Submission and Publication Handling System

European Publishing utilizes the online submission system, Editorial System to handle manuscript submission, for the review and editorial decision making processes.  Both the pre- and post- production process functionalities of the system are used to ensure a smooth submission-review- publication process. Editorial System  is  integrated  with CrossRef,  CrossCheck, iThenticate, Portico.

The online submission and publication handling system helps: 

  • Authors with fast and easy manuscripts submission 
  • Reviewers with easy log in, scoring and peer review processes 
  • Editors  with  managing  the  manuscripts  workflow,  peer  review  processes  and  the whole  process  of accepting submissions-reviewing articles and accepting manuscripts in the journal 

Correspondence with EUEP journals

Receipt of a manuscript is acknowledged via an automated email from the online submission system. This included a manuscript tracking number, which should be provided in all correspondence with the editorial office with regards to that manuscript. We kindly request that only the corresponding author be in contact with the editorial office, on behalf of all of the manuscripts authors.

Peer Review in EUEP journals

All articles submitted to journals in EU European Publishing undergo peer review. External reviewing of manuscripts is double blind. In all cases a manuscript is also reviewed by at least one member of the editorial board and the Editor-in-Chief of that journal.

Authors may suggest reviewers that are qualified to peer review the manuscript, provided that they have not collaborated closely in the near past and that they are not from the same institution. Authors may also note peer reviewers who they would not prefer to review this paper. While the authors suggestions are taken into account, the Editorial Office of that journal reserves the right to handle peer review at its discretion.

The remaining articles are assigned to an editor, who will send it to one or more external reviewers selected from a database of experts. Once the reviews have been received, the editor makes a decision to accept or reject a manuscript, or to request revisions from the author in response to the reviewers’ comments.