Marketing Policy

European Publishing does not engage in email solicitation of articles and will never email potential authors to attract submissions. We believe that this "spamming" practice is unethical and unprofessional. To us, the best promotion of a journal is through the maintenance of high standards, quality manuscripts and vigorous double blind peer review. 

Advertising Policy

European Publishing Journals do not accept advertisements. 

Journal Revenue Sources

An article-processing charge (APC) will apply for each article accepted for publication in Tobacco Induced Diseases. All manuscripts from Low Income Countries are automatically granted a waiver, while manuscripts from Low Middle Income Countries are evaluated on a case by case basis. As tobacco use is a global public health issue our vision is that it is imperative to aid regional tobacco control research from developing countries and hence our belief is that Article Processing Charges from High and High Middle Income Countries are to be used to support the publication of research from Low and Low Middle Income countries.

No author processing charges are currently requested for Tobacco Prevention & Cessation & European Journal of Midwifery.